Sportzone Contest: November 7th

Looking for a contest to compete at? Rob Alton is hosting the annual Sportszone Contest on November 7th in Hungary, a country with a deep flatland history of amazing riders coming through the ranks. This looks like a good one, read on….

“On November 7th Rob Alton and Sport Zone SE will be hosting the Hungarian Championships and as in 2019 it is open to all international riders too. Sadly, this year no prize money for the Elite Class but the great news is that it will be held in a shopping center in Budapest with open practice on Saturday 6th afternoon into early evening and the contest on Sunday 7th. The categories are Junior (Under 14), Girls (all ages), Amateur and Elite. There will be a new version of “King of Spin” and Best Trick for each category. Elite Best trick has 30,000ft (100 Euro) prize money donated by Miklosi Peter from Hungary.

This is a great opportunity for Flatland in Hungary and hopefully a start of a contest series in 2022-3. So, we hope for a good turn out and a fun 2 days of riding in Hungary’s capitol.
Registration is open until October 31st and any International and Elite riders will be photo featured on our Instagram page.”

Registration Form:

Youtube Playlist for Contest information:

One thought on “Sportzone Contest: November 7th

  1. I hope to see some footage of Fulop shredding! Always dug how he fully rips both wheels when he rides. Hungary rules. OG Martin is legendarily awesome. Rob Alton has created such a good thing with getting people exposed to and into flatland at a local level there. Huge props to that man! AND he busts ill multiple decades, so you know he’s legit!

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