Must Watch: James White / Systems Overload

I wasn’t joking a few moments ago on Peter Olsen’s Must Watch trick that it’s a good day for edits here on Flatmattersonline! James White once again comes up with a solid part, that explores a lot of really intricate two wheel on floor boomerang type moves, his amazing stalled switch-b (no -handed no less!), and a whole lot more.
The editing, tune, and the genius of Whiteski once again deserves that Must Watch tag. The MW firewall is breached today.
It’s time to go riding….

6 thoughts on “Must Watch: James White / Systems Overload

  1. What a way to start the day! Damn! The man has a way of producing a hype edit every time! He does shit that doesn’t even move anywhere and it feels like a 100mph stoked the way its captured and mixed with the music. All in possibly the dopest pair of Nikes? This is so ill! James, thanks for doing this. Its going to make many people’s day for a long time, just like your past edits.

  2. The title says it ALL ……watching this I was like ” damn , that was dope , that was dope , that was original , didn’t see that coming , wait , what ? Damn that was magic looking ! How did he ? Damn ,that was rad , too ! ” It was a SENSORY overload for me watching this , haha……but in the BEST way ! I just watched 50 shades of White……AGAIN recently and it’s really trippy to me just how much, and how many times that Whiteski can morph his riding into whatever he thinks up . I’m loving this whole slider , flail hybrid flavor ! It’s something unique , creative , yet a lil familiar , but being progressive and fresh all @ the same time ! TOTAL spirit of FREESTYLE , and flexing his many moons of a deep tricktionary ……@ this point I think James’s riding defines the MUST WATCH tag like Sean Burns defines BURLY , GNAR , street riding………

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