Must Watch: Peter Olsen / Upside Down Walkover

If you are on instagram, you will have already seen this amazing line that has been a few years in the making. A dream trick that Heresy’s Peter Olsen makes a reality after a few years digging deep to get this done, it’s a good day for edits here on Flatmattersonline.

Take a bow Peter, this deserves some love from the flatland community!

5 thoughts on “Must Watch: Peter Olsen / Upside Down Walkover

  1. This is the type of line that flatland is all about, chasing down new levels for years… Really inspiring to see the sport pushed like this. Well done Pete. So good!

  2. Damn , Peter ! Not enough that you’ve created and pulled some of the most hardcore , extremely difficult , rolling pivots , transitions , and lines on the front wheel , huh ?! Haha…..NOW you’ve just created and pulled one of Flatland’s most INSANE transitions , lines that is also a N.B.D !! THIS IS MENTAL and every time I watch it……..I can’t believe it …..and you just casually ride out ….if I pulled THIS ( in my DREAMS ! ) ….there would of been some bike chucking , PLENTY of raditude , maybe even some loud obscenities , haha……Effraim is spot on …..TAKE A BOW , you’ve more than earned it . ( this is SO damn HARD ! )

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