3 thoughts on “Jason Forde: WTP Hybrid Freecoaster on Carbon Rim

  1. cool bike and cool parts bro , you saved several weight replacing those parts, interesting the way as the freecoaster doesnt engage backwards just after you roll a little bit forward. good combos bro, congrats

    • Thank you romulo.
      Most of us roll forward/ride into our tricks, so it makes no difference at all.
      Taking that much weight off a bike in one go can make riding quite tricky for a few sessions.

  2. I’m a lil stoked on the new parts ………however 6.30 minutes… was WHAT I was really waiting for ! Your RIDING , bruv ! Brandon Gale and myself have had some long conversations about how clean , graceful and solid your riding has always been . Back when he would come to San Antonio , we would chat about you , Foakes , Okamura and some other cats who will felt had great style on their bikes . Brandon and I would kind of compare fluid , smooth Flatland riding to fluid , smooth trail riding . Stoked on your new set up though , Jay ! All that lighter stuff is just gonna make you even MORE smooth on your front / back wheel lines . South Bank , REPRESENT !

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