One thought on “Old School Sundays with Joe Gruttola

  1. Opposite whiplashes , rapid back to back chick squeaks ( I’ve been trying to re-learn single chick squeaks , scuff the chicken a circle , do another one …..the EASY way , haha ! ) rolling his switch foot steam and actually crossing over INWARD ( every rider I’ve seen do this , EVERY rider …..has always crossed over OUTWARD into a staple gun ! ) into a staple gun , fire pinks , back yard one legged rolls , etc , etc…….Grutolla was a RIPPER for sure . Smooth style and he could freestyle his lines well when they would take an unexpected turn . To this day I still have photos on my wall of Gruttola ( I STILL live @ momma’s casa @ 47 YEARS OLD , haha…..the BMX version of the movie ” Step brothers ” , haha ! ) and I’m always stoked searching for ANY riding footage of him on the web . I remember back in 1988 reading Freestyle , Freestylin , Super BMX and Freestyle , and Freestyle Spectacular magazine …..being AMMMMPED whenever Joe had photos in them ! Thank you E.C.D. YouTube channel and Big-E for this O.S.S. ! I can never watch enough of Grutolla , Huddleston , Dull , both Castillo’s or Rob Compton ! All of their A.F.A. contest runs !

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