MK Format Open Zoom Battle

Almost everyone who is serious about competing understands that the nervousness during a competition run can make things go wrong, just because the nervousness/anxiety took over the moment you wanted to do a good job with the run you had worked so hard for many months/years.

I have been running these Zoom live contest run simulations for about 2 years now and I have seen a remarkable improvement in everyone’s stress management skills when it comes to understanding how to develop a strong ability to understand how to perform well while feeling nervous. That being said, the live battle system I have here at MK Format works very efficiently and now it is time to make these battles open for everyone! Yes, you don’t need to be part of the coaching program and you can enter these weekly battles whenever you want. However, to make it feel even more like a real contest, there is an entry fee to join these live Zoom battles.

Contest season is starting and the battles are open for everyone starting next week. This is your opportunity to practice in a safe environment and truly understand where your current contest riding level is. In other words, the way you´ll ride in your first Zoom battle is how you would ride in your next contest.

One time entry fee is 50 USD / 42 EUR.

Martti Kuoppa.

One thought on “MK Format Open Zoom Battle

  1. Thank you ,U.F.L. , Martti !! Can’t wait to watch these battles ! All the previous What’s App ones were SO cool to watch . Insane level of live contest riding from all the M.K. Format rippers ! Now with this thing being open………I know these are gonna go off , TIMES 7 !

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