Must Watch: Moto Sasaki Private Jam

So much to love about this new “Moto Sasaki Private Jam” edit by Jimalog. After a quiet spell, it seems Spring time is here, and the flood gates are opening on “Must watch” edits, and boy this is a treat.
The big news here is Moto Sasaki got a private spot, what I love about this, is rather than keeping it to himself he’s bringing in the next generation of shredders into enjoy this blessing.
As you already will know, the riding level is ridiculous with standouts from Yu Shoji, Kio Hayakawa and the ender from Moto Sasaki!
But there is plenty more from the likes of Akihiko Takahashi, Masashi Itani, Yuta Watanabe, Ruo Hayakawa, Yuo Hayakawa, Takashi Ishida, Koh Yoshida. Nao Yoshida, and Ryuga Matumura.

This edit got me so amped to ride, thanks Moto and Jimalog for sharing this, and all the heads involved providing the feel good vibes!

This one is on repeat today!

14 thoughts on “Must Watch: Moto Sasaki Private Jam

  1. So many bangers in this edit, and I get the sense that this was just a regular session for these dudes. Imagine what could come in an actual edit…

  2. Japan!!?!! Progression and positive vibes flow like water. The skill level is just mind melting as usual. Seems like property owners and insurance companies are able to be more flexible with allowing bicycles to be ridden indoors over there? Its quite a task to lock down a spot here that’s not privately owned by the rider themselves. Again, GO JAPAN GO!!! I won’t be able to ride for most of next week, but having this kinda stuff to take in will make it easier with keeping pumped and staying positive. Shred shred shred!!! Thanks Moto and Big E! GO JAPAN!!

  3. That looks like one of the most fun jams that ever happened. Such a high level and so rad to see so much new creativity still coming out of so many riders!

  4. Since last Sunday I’ve been watching this ! Jesus , man……..Viki was TOTALLY telling FACTS about Japan’s level of future shredders ….. X-leg turbine jack hammers , switch bs ,via a PEDAL ice cream spin up/ over to blender , X-leg fire haul , around the bar , switching feet , pivot / change direction to a forward steam ( love that ! Reminds me of Dolan and Castillo . ) lightning fast X-leg crack packer spin / pivot -over to Mc circle , time machine / BIKE FLIP to PEDAL rope spin …….WITH a X-leg PEDAL time machine , fudge packers carved , step over to cross rope , QUICK step to rocket , 360 BIKE FLIP outta a blender ……….THEN …….that outside hand 360 full bar to cross tea kettle ! Didn’t even have to link after THAT…….and STILL spun that opposite Karl / X-leg crack packer ! Moto and EVERY rider in this edit totally SLLAAAAMMMED DOWN a seriously progressive edit , TIMES 7. Thank you to them , Jimalog for creating one of the best edits for 2021………as Jimalog’s edits , ALL of them are great YEARS after they’re uploaded . I still watch the ” welcome Ben Hudson ” jam edit ! You know what I keep thinking here ? Imagine all these riders level @ say my age , 46 !! They’re NOT even CLOSE to 30 yet , most of them anyway excluding a few……..even STILL…….I’m bugging out just thinking about a Jimalog edit of them at my age !! I could live to be 109 years old……….and NOT be doing what all of them are doing in THIS edit , hahaha………yup…….Viki Gomez was dropping some knowledge and peep gaming about today’s level of riding in Japan . His ” Regenerations ” Flatland film was EXCELLENT ,packed with HIGH level riding , including HIS section in the video………DAMN RIGHT …..this IS a MUST WATCH , Big -E !!

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