Episode 74: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Art Thomason


What’s up everyone? It’s time for episode 74 of the Flatmattersonline exclusives, today Hoffman Bikes rider Art Thomason comes through with his second FM clip.
Art rips on both wheels, and his second exclusive is a killer back wheel line starting inside switch b flip upside down, foot pivot to switch foot mega spins and ends sending the two footed death truck turbines into orbit. I had to get a NASA reference in there somewhere, thanks Art for contributing!
And thank you to everyone who reached out to my request for more clips. We have the next two locked in, so keep these clips coming.

4 thoughts on “Episode 74: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Art Thomason

  1. This cat has never stopped progressing his riding …….through global touring , performing demos / shows from 1992 through 2015ish , attending a prestigious university , graduating with honors ………and training astronauts , dialing space programs since 2004 !! Art SLLLLAAMMS DOWN a BACK wheel line….. this time for his second exclusive ! Digging this combo . Switch -b , via a cross death truck to ice cream , rope spin pivot -switch to multiple rocket turbines , switching feet ……..putting this link to bed with a NO handed , double footed spinning -pumping death truck ! This REALLY made my morning yesterday , hyped me to session and gave me even that much MORE respect for Art’s constant progression ……while juggling family , career life …..and STILL busting out in every major contest that goes on . Art’s a text book definition of a CORE pro rider …….edits , contests , jams ……..he’s doing and has DONE it all . Trust me , I know…….I’ve been following his riding since the day I met , and rode bikes with him in a heated jam circle …where he was throwing down ALL the new bar flip , spinning hitchhiker variations . Salud , Mr. Thomason ! Also……..thanks for getting myself , Chris Balles and David wethersbee into that X-Trials after party in Grand Prarie Texas , back in April of 2002 , haha ! After that amazing contest was over …….getting to chill in that after party was super rad , indeed . Day Smith , Troy Mcmurray , and the other riders were in full dance / party mode while you , the rest of us were in chill mode talking about Flatland with Bryan Huffman at your table ! Good times , Art !

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