Jean-William Prevost – DECOMPOZ Magazine Interview

Jean-William Prevost // Flatland BMX, Exploding Cars, and Dancing Bikes | MONTREAL EDITION from DECOMPOZ magazine on Vimeo

As always Jean-William Prevost aka Dub drops some knowledge in this new Decompaz magazine interview, particularly of interest is Dub setting an example and not riding in his own contest (Real City Spin August 29-30). If the video interview is not cool enough, there’s also an online interview to check out also, hit the link below.

6 thoughts on “Jean-William Prevost – DECOMPOZ Magazine Interview

  1. Thats my boy rite there! I truely respect dub not only for his riding but for his personalitiy and a all round good guy! He doest think about himself but to help others and build the sport! And that should be the real heart of a rider! Much respect bro! 🙂

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