Jean William Prevost qualifies 1st eFise + Top 3 Videos

You must be living under a rock if you are not seeing the eFise fan vote videos all over social media, well… I just got done helping out with the judges vote and the results have been combined to determine the top 8 for the eFise finals!
Congratulations to Jean William Prevost who took the top spot with an epic entry, Dub was followed by Yu Katagiri and Terry Adams. Check the top 3 videos out below and I’ll post the others shortly, as well below this post. Finals coming up soon, it’s going to be insane with the riders filming another 2 minute run!

4 thoughts on “Jean William Prevost qualifies 1st eFise + Top 3 Videos

  1. Speaking of COMPLETE crazy degree of DIFFICULTY ………EVERY F.I.S.E. entry in EVERY class is just mind blowing !! @ my age of 46 , seeing bmx flatland from 1984 till……TODAY …..I CANT believe the progression , how much the riding just keeps evolving @ such a ridiculously fast pace . Had my momma thinking I saw a ghost , watching all these entry videos , haha….RESPECT to every competitor ! This online format of contests these days is pushing the sport like crazy , so dope to see………..

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