Unseen Sam Foakes Line: TGM 2008

The Flatmattersonline exclusives have dried up for the moment, let’s take an intermission break and keep things flowing..
Unseen Sam Foakes line from the TGM riding spot in West Norwood, London back in 2008. Sam does through with his infamous stalled cliff into a ridiculous line. Thanks to Mizo for sending this one. Good times at the TGM.

15 thoughts on “Unseen Sam Foakes Line: TGM 2008

  1. 2008 was his year… In February I witnessed his greatness in Circle cow from up close. Jaffa whips first time in front of me was a magic moment. Then in July at the world’s first place in a packed pro class… Ucchie Terry Martti Viki wilhelm hiro Dom Matthias jumelin raph Miller the list is endless… I ended 27th or something haha. Later in Japan on a heartbreaking final with Matthias the crowed gave respect to his long and hard as Fook lines…. Sam within a couple of years became one of the world’s top… Respect. Hope he’s still rolling…

  2. DEAD STOP!?!?! WTF so savage! What an awesome link. Whenever in a convo about fav riders or who influence your riding, Sam Foakes is ALWAYS on that list of names. Absolutely love his take on riding and structuring the flow of his links. Like in the to scuff the tire or not article from back when on here, I remember Sam saying he’d rather just step off the bike than kick/scuff to keep it going. So much skill he eliminated touching the tire, but didn’t limit his tricks. Also, 12 year old footage and it may as well have been yesterday. Madness.

  3. To this day I still watch his battle with Hiroya Morisaki , K.O.G. 2008 ! Ive always been SUPER stoked on his riding , EVERY era …..but in 2008 …..DAMN did he have some killer contest runs /battles !! My favorite is his finals run @ Circle Cow , from that year ,also . Its stunning as hell to me just HOW he just SLLLLAAAAMMMED long , ripping links on his bike ……WITHOUT even so much as a THOUGHT to scuff or even single kick of his tire ! Im OLD school as BETA tapes …….so if ya told me that I COULDNT scuff or kick my tire……….Id have like 3 tricks to do ! Hahahahaha……I love watching the pumping style to gain / keep momentum of a trick ,to keep a link going . Doesnt matter to me how many pumps a rider does ….I just dig how pumping looks ! I tried to do single pumps in a crack packer for WEEKS……..NOTHING , couldnt get the technique at all. Foakes is one of the GREATS for sure , and Im just as thrilled to see him STILL ruling on his bike NOW , as I was when Amahl from New Orleans schooled me as to how rad he was , recommending various videos of him online to watch and really take in . To scuff or not to scuff ……NO scuffing ! Sam Foakes most DEFINITELY is one of the pioneers to push and take THAT style of riding to the moon………..and BACK ……loving this combo , like everyone stated …….its GREAT ….TODAY for 2020 , TIMES 7…….

    • The crazy thing is Rodney, now Sam would look at that run and say its old school because he pumped. The evolution of his riding is actually an interesting subject, hopefully one day I can get him to do a FM interview. I have asked…

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