Jody Temple – Flatmatters exclusive edit!

flatmatters edit from jodytemple on Vimeo.

As I sat down working on the first interview of the year with Jody Temple, I wanted to kick things off a lil’ differently, and asked Jody if he would be into filming a flatmatters exclusive before the interview drops, well what can I say, this is pretty much a full part, full of amazing riding, loving the one handed hang five bar flips, but there is so much more! Thank you Jody for taking the time to do this!

15 thoughts on “Jody Temple – Flatmatters exclusive edit!

  1. So sick, so good!!!
    As always, great great stuff mr Temple,
    let me call you mr coz i am still a big fan of your edits,
    that makes me smile and stoked, that makes feel good, really good!
    so big tks for that

    • Dont really know where to start with this without rambling too much, firstly this makes me want to put front brakes back on! I love all the subtleties in Jody’s riding, the combo around 1:43/1:44 is one the best switches i’ve seen in a long time, so much going on there! And lastly this cheered me up no end, after a such a short session today where my new back wheel is causing nuff grief, enough about my troubles, along with Seppl’s edit, two cracking edits already this year!! Get ready for a dope interview dropping on Friday!

  2. Stoked on this. Different spots and quick no nonsense combos and such make it feel like he just stops for a minute to bust out on the way to and from the actual session. Honeybadger style. “he just busts when he wants”
    Great stuff Jody!

  3. So good…Once again I wish I loved riding flatland as much as this guy. Always get stoked seeing Jody throw down. Great style & so refreshing to watch. Good job, buddy…

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