Joe Cicman: Like Heaven 2022

It’s Flatland Assassin Friday today on FM, first up this great edit from Flatland Meme master, Joe Cicman! Joe is a master of multiple hitch jugglers, multiple Jaffa whips (love the line at 1:57!), and looks like he’s been putting in a lot of work dialling in his original lines at the Terradome this past year. I’ve often thought about having an edit with one set camera angle, Joe’s done. Kudos Mr Cicman, go watch this one!

5 thoughts on “Joe Cicman: Like Heaven 2022

  1. F.A.’s finest …….loving the steam butter slip to immediate half packer / Jaffa whips. Dropping to that bar spinning /no handed back yard ( even catches bars big then bar spins to bars small to drop down to exit . ) was a sick way to keep that line flowing….. His backy derm is also rad . Stoked for Cicman to drop some fresh stuff . If it were up to me…………Fact or Freestyle would have alot more of his RIDING on every episode . ….yeah , Joe ….

  2. That spot looks amazingly beautiful. The air must be so fresh out there, unless theres a neighbour’s hog farm thats not in the shots. Is this a new terradome? Dope riding as usual sir.

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