Chris Young & Pete Brandt: Clocktower Sessions

Two Flatland Assassins, Chris Young & Pete Brandt took over the Clocktower in San Francisco, California recently for a session in the Fall whilst Chris was in town. Flatland is all about different styles, and friends pushing each other, and this comes through right here with Chris’ glass smooth flow across the granite marble riding surface, and Pete’s attack mode on both and front/back wheel make this one a fun watch, look out for Pete’s last line at 2:58!

4 thoughts on “Chris Young & Pete Brandt: Clocktower Sessions

  1. How slammed is this ?! Two O.G. Flat legends ripping their styles ,just jamming together . Thank you , Big E for posting this . The riding and the D and B track really go well together ,too. F.A. Friday …..hope it becomes a weekly thing .

  2. when do they ride there im also in SF getting back into riding after stopping in 2007 i never see any riders there only skate

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