Kevin Jones: BMX Hall of Fame 2022

Congratulations to Kevin Jones, finally inducted to the Bmx Hall of Fame last weekend! This accolade has been a long time coming, when you think about Kevin’s contributions to modern day flatland and BMX in general it is hard to measure it truly. The inventor of the Hang 5 would be enough to have Kevin listed on the Hall of Fame, but there is so much more (as you all know or should know), there’s the Hitchiker, Backpacker, John Doenut, Circle K, Time Machine, Dump Truck, Death Truck, and many many more.

His video parts on Mark Eaton’s Dorkin’ in York videos have helped shape and change the progression of modern day flatland forever.

His acceptance speech during the award ceremony is so humble it speaks volumes of the man himself! You can tune in at 1:01:43 mark.

Photo credit: Brett Downs.

7 thoughts on “Kevin Jones: BMX Hall of Fame 2022

  1. This is such dope news! Long time coming indeed. The K’s done so much for flatland, even if this organization didn’t acknowledge the man’s work, his legacy will live on through all of us for many generations. Thanks for going riding Kevin, it did more than you probably ever imagined! Bmx is such an awesome thing.

  2. This is the first time I hear Kevin talk for that long and I feel the most people think the same….Watching that speech of the K seems almost the same as watching him ride….inspiring and brings so much emotion along the way….Being nervous and humble from the first second when they called him,feeling awkward and scratching his head for no reason,had nothing ready on paper for his speech,introducing first of all the whole family one by one,giving credits to his crew Plywood Hoods,mentioning his idols Eddie Fiola and Woody Itson,being so funny at moments,thanking Bmx and everyone for giving him props for his offer all these years…The ultimate Freestyler…….when Kevin said that being so happy that he signs up for another 20 years….that moment gave me goosebumps for real.Kevin Jones is my idol and he will be forever….because of this speech alone,I also sign up for another 20 years too…..

  3. Nice to watch the master Kevin J talking , he looked so fun and humble introducing his family and thanking the family , friends and sponsors, Just talking from heart. Thank You for inspire me.

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