Kevin Jones: BMX Hall of Fame 2022

Congratulations to Kevin Jones, finally inducted to the Bmx Hall of Fame last weekend! This accolade has been a long time coming, when you think about Kevin’s contributions to modern day flatland and BMX in general it is hard to measure it truly. The inventor of the Hang 5 would be enough to have Kevin listed on the Hall of Fame, but there is so much more (as you all know or should know), there’s the Hitchiker, Backpacker, John Doenut, Circle K, Time Machine, Dump Truck, Death Truck, and many many more.

His video parts on Mark Eaton’s Dorkin’ in York videos have helped shape and change the progression of modern day flatland forever.

His acceptance speech during the award ceremony is so humble it speaks volumes of the man himself! You can tune in at 1:01:43 mark.

Photo credit: Brett Downs.