King of Concrete 2022

Stevie B of Clicked Video Magazine fame came through with a solid edit that captured most of the highlights of an action packed King of Concrete weekend. With yours truly even getting to have a ride, in between MIC duties, judging, tabulating scores, handling music and all the goes with running an event. Thanks Stevie for getting this edit done so quickly, what a weekend!

One thought on “King of Concrete 2022

  1. Stoked seeing that cross rebate/ bar flip -one handed exit line , and the rest of your signature lines ( leap /switch exit outta that steam. ) ,Effraim…..STYLISH. Webbie footage ? Always welcome and I’m happy to see it . Dudes one of South Sea’s most elite that went on to conquer globally , like Declan . Bike flip 3s , 1080s , decade air to fakie , barrel roll flairs ……..DAMN , your family and you have done very well producing some of the sport’s most skilled , progressive riders for decades ! This was a real treat , E . Thank you for posting …

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