4 thoughts on “Nora Cup Flatlander of the Year Nominees are…

  1. I can’t get that Chimera Games last line outta my head , haha . A 360 bike flip to START the line ? Bonkers , just that seems like he’d try it 500 times to pull it once , film it and happily move on , ha. Nope instead Katagiri DIALED it for CONTESTS…….and he does it in a long line. After seeing him fully KEEP going ham with his hammer lines in N.O.T.B. , too….I was like ok….he’s more than earned the cup . Not to mention how effortless and locked in his cross PEDAL rope rolls , spins are. He can carve them , roll em straight, bike flip into them , and ” float ” them in inside circles . All of this in long lines……give him the cup , haha.

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