Kio Hayakawa on Red Bull!

Kio Hayakawa is now on Red bull, the RB team all surprised and took to the stage to welcome Kio to the team. Awesome way to surprise Kio and give him something for memory books forever!

What a nice moment yesterday, the official announcement happened right before Pro qualifying here at Fiseworld in Montpellier.

Good luck Kio! Well deserved!

6 thoughts on “Kio Hayakawa on Red Bull!

  1. this what I love about our flatland generation, after the young up & comer has been the entire Red Bull Pro Team featuring most of the Mid School Legends, instead of getting mad or bitter – THEY ADD HIM TO THE TEAM!!! this is truly is a “passing of the torch” moment, SUGOI KIO I am so happy for you can’t wait to see what the future holds for you as you ride for the next 20+ years!

  2. Respect to Kio ! He’s riding @ such a high and original level …I’m still stoked on his last U.F.L. winning combo and of course ,all his recent lines…….thank you for the update , E ….

  3. I was talking about this with some people and one thing that seems weird about it is: “Did he previously apply to be on the team? Did they negotiate a sponsorship package that he agreed to?” If not, then Red Bull got some free advertising without having to actually negotiate an agreement with the rider–and that would be uber whack! I’ve seen it in skateboarding when someone already rides for a team and they get surprised with a signature board and then it seems cool because they are already onboard, but if not, it’s super awkward because it’s like they just have to take whatever deal the company makes?

    • I know what you mean and I honestly have no idea, but usually from other red bull athletes it’s usually like they are mentored and then abruptly and surprisingly welcomed to the team. I dont know if that is the case with Kio, but seems possible.

      Looks like he was stoked regardless. He says dream come true on ig.

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