4 thoughts on “Kio Hayakawa qualifies 1st at Cycle Week

  1. Thank you for posting these results , E . Had no idea about this event . J.F.B. IN THE CONTEST MIX , STOKED on THAT ! He can throw down with any of em . Musselwhite getting his due ,too ! As he should ……his spider glide still one of the greatest , most crazy difficult rolling positions EVER created in Flatland . Salud to Kio ! He ain’t letting anyone get a piece of that first place ” pie ” , hahaha. Kio RULES ….and AGAIN …..Jean Francois Boulianne IN THE HOUSE ! It’s been a lil bit ……but after the way I saw him ride @ Bobby Burge’s BMX Haven…..after he got HYPED on a song in his ear buds…..I KNEW J.F.B. was going to start getting on in SLLLLAMMMMMMING some contests this year and in 2023….

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