Kio Hayakawa takes Round 2 Master of Creavity: Ultimate Flatland League

Congratulations to Kio Hayakawa held onto the top spot in the Master of Creativity section of the 2021 Ultimate Flatland League, with an amazing blender pedal pivot two foot ice cream bike flip out! Alex Jumelin broke new ground pumping a nose manual, and holding the position with style. And third place went to the UCI World Champion, Matthias Dandois with a backwards manual thrown into steam.
Incredible level from all the riders, the Ultimate Flatland League really is delivering the goods!

You can watch the entries right here!

11 thoughts on “Kio Hayakawa takes Round 2 Master of Creavity: Ultimate Flatland League

  1. I can’t believe Sietse can ride with all of those people walking by. That’s another level. He is the only one out of all of these riders doing that.

  2. X-leg -PEDAL stance ice cream -bike flip ! HEEELLLLD , LOCKED IN nose manual for multiple circles ! P-cade directly to time machine , jump to body varial to pedal junk stance stall to decade ! NO handed backwards facing hip whip stance- nose manual turbine ! Cross rocket – bike flip / pivot to fudge packer pivot to rope spin , pivot , repeat that transition to decade ! There’s so many lethal , mental , groundbreaking things in this ” quick hits ” edit that it has me scared to see what’s gonna go down in the last round , haha ! Damn the U.F.L. and all these online competitions are so rad for the progression of the sport . This edit is like a best trick contest on crack , haha ……REALLY loving this ………….

  3. Super nice lines and tricks!
    My three favourites were kio,sietse and chris!
    Too bad i didnt pull my trick till 5th july and the mail of the extended date got lost on the web!

    • Mr. POWER , PEDAL STANCE , ROLLING Flatland soldier ………I wanna see THAT trick ( I KNOW it’s gotta be mental ! ) Bummed it got lost on the web , however I’d be VERY excited to see it , Sakis………agreed on your top 3 , they’re rippers !

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