5 thoughts on “Rodney Williams: Throws down in Flatmattersonline T-shirt

  1. THANK YOU , Big -E ! I was beyond stoked receiving my fresh Tees and couldn’t wait to throw one on and represent FLATMATTERSONLINE.COM ! I wanted to literally go anywhere just to show it off late that evening , haha…..instead opted to film a lil line repping the shirt / site that next day ! I seriously believe that EVERY and ANYONE that frequents this site SHOULD purchase one to support you and this SLLLAAMMMMED site . Time is money and vise versa ……running this site since 2008 , ALONG with runnning South Sea skate park , coaching your students , whilst STILL progressing your own riding …..all these things take LOADS of time and MONEY , straight up…….so that’s why I filmed this line…..to show love BACK to you / the site and to EAGERLY encourage EVERYONE to BUY A SHIRT , hell bruv ……BUY TWO , haha…they’re rad , comfortable , dope looking and honestly the proceeds just KEEP this VITAL site up , running , giving , informing us the GLOBAL 411 on what’s going on with Flatland BMX 24-7 . 365 ! BUY A SHIRT EVERYONE , nuff said………..

  2. As usual, ya beat me to it Rodney! Hell yeah bro! way to get it done asap! Got my shirt and hoodie. Got 2 fresh combos in the works. Just got to get a landing on film with either of the 2 and I’m sending the clip straight to E for an FM exclusive repping the FM gear. Too bad I progress like a sloth and new tricks come at their own pace lol. Oh well, can’t change the animal I am, so I guess I’ll just keep riding. And you’re right Rodney, if time = money, then E’s invested an effing fortune into the game. Love and respect for everyone doin it, ride on.

    • STOKED to that you’re sending in some fresh exclusives , BZ ! Can’t wait to see both or either one of em , as your new school style I’m REALLY digging ! Progress like a sloth ??! Hell no ! You’re progressing your riding @ a good pace WITH holding down your family , full time , and other responsibilities. Hell bruv , I’m single , no family , STILL live @ my momma’s casa ( I’m the BMX version of the movie ” Step Brothers ” , haha ! Catalina Wine Mixer , hahaha ! ) and I take sh-t from as far back as 2001 , RE vamp it , and make it new again…….kind of , haha ! I literally ride in combos like a sloth trying to imitate Andrew Arroyo’s riding style from Ells Bell’s 1992 BMX classic video ” Dope Ammo ” . Arroyo’s combos were smooth and slow , but I ride even slower than he did in that video , haha. His combos were WAY harder also in that video section ! ( wonder if he stills rides ? He was one of Terry Adams first hook up back in 1998 when he ran ” Drews BMX Shop ” a.k.a ” Swap Meet ” ……again , thank you for the love / support , BZ !! I KNOW you’re gonna smash this sh-t with your new combos , campeon ! C A N A D A !! Maple Leaf lines in da effing house , son !!

    • As your REVERSE style Lung spins are STYLIN , also Johann ! Thanks , bruv ! Looking forward to another edit of you SLAMMMMING DOWN flatland , dirt , park and street shredding ! ( HINT ! HINT ! )

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