3 thoughts on “Kotaro Arai – In the Park!

  1. Amazing! Both this and Ucchie’s edits have a nice feel to them.

    Love Arai’s riding as always. He’s a true OG. Cheeky smith at the end too.

    Strange how much people have to specialize in Japan. Something I noticed when I was there is that bikes are usually setup to cater for only back wheel or front wheel riding. I’ve never been able to decide if that’s good or bad. It leads to a lot of originality, but also to a lot of riders who can only do a handful of tricks. If a rider is as good as Arai, they can change styles anytime, but I wonder how many riders in Japan reach a deadend?

    Sick edit. ^That’s just something I’ve thought about since travelling around Japan. I saw some crazy one wheel specific setups.

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