Maple Vibes Jam edit 2016

Maple Vibes Jam edit 2016 from Anthony Schneidewind on Vimeo.

Anthony Schneidewind just dropped an amazing edit from the Maple Vibes contest a few weeks back in Toronto, Canada featuring great riding from Jean Francois Boulianne, Chase Gouin, Bryan Huffman, Elias Odeh, Étienne Bergeron, Jean-William P, Prasheel Gopal, Tyler Gilliard, Ron Monis, Robert Reilly, Sergey Sanko, Lachlan Cameron, Austin Luberda and Dominik Nekolný.

3 thoughts on “Maple Vibes Jam edit 2016

  1. Amazing edit Tony! Once again, you’ve captured the vibe, night sessions and combos like no other. Thanks for sharing!

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