Mark Webb – My Dream!

Mark is of course known as one of the best park riders in the world. He kills it in this new edit filmed and directed by JC Pieri, check the flatland moves in this one tho, tailwhip tap to hang five to whiplash out to pedals at 2:22, anyone?, so good!

7 thoughts on “Mark Webb – My Dream!

  1. E: The same way i do! Experience of protecting your angles to prevent dislocation! My knee’s are by far the worst of anyone I’ve met with ACL/MCL/PCL/Lateral Meniscus on right, ACL/PCL/MCL on left.

    You learn to live with it.

    Mark Webb reminds of a character from skins, lol. As for his riding, what could anyone say other than its inhuman? Him and Garrett Reynolds are on video game mode.

  2. my left knee does exactly the same as mark’s and sean’s, you have to adapt and know what you can and can’t do. my cartilage is also split so that pops in and out of the knee joint when i straighten and bend the knee. find i can ride with a support for hours yet walk like an old man the next day. ha. it’s all worth it. top skills to mark who still progressing at a rapid rate.

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