Martti Kuoppa launches 7 Grounds!

MK Barflip

When I started Master Of Creativity I had no idea how popular it would get so fast. I received many entries and a lot of messages, where riders expressed their excitement about the format.
Which made me feel, that I truly want to give back something to the riders out there and the first idea was, that I am going to build a brand that will be the first sponsor of Master Of Creativity.

Soon after the idea of 7Grounds was born and here I am, launching my own brand, which will donate a portion of each sale for the Master Of Creativity competition (my dream is to run a video contest that has a prize money).


I know that the world is packed with t-shirt brands but I also feel, that world is not full of t-shirt brands that really care about the lifestyle of Flatland BMX. Here it is.

I am keeping the selection to very limited, because that´s the way I do things. Each item purchased from my shop will be numbered by me and when the item is sold out, that´s it, it´s not available anymore.
I have a team too, it will be me, Thomas Noyer and Peter Olsen.

Thank you for riding Flatland! Let´s keep the tradition alive!

Martti Kuoppa / 7Grounds

3 thoughts on “Martti Kuoppa launches 7 Grounds!

  1. Props Martti , RAD designs on these !!!! Cant believe how LOOOOONNNNNGG that stem five was held , X-ARM , X to UN X ARM , catching to FULL bar during these STEM lashes , LOVING IT !!!!!!!

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