Mateus Beckmann – Retrospective – Best Tricks of 2012

It’s a cliche, but I’ll run with it. If this kid keeps it up, he will be a huge force to reckon with in the future. Watch this edit, so many bangers, and creative too! One of the best up and coming rider of 2012 without a doubt.

15 thoughts on “Mateus Beckmann – Retrospective – Best Tricks of 2012

  1. This kid has his own ‘grasshopper’ like style, and with the colour of the bike being green for most clips it’s perhaps a fitting moniker. Great creativity and modern ‘hopping’.

  2. wonder why this isn’t a “Must Watch” , this kid is not up and coming he’s already there. Can’t wait to see what he does this year.

  3. I remember seeing some of these clips in the Global Video battles and being blow away with the originality & creativity. Definitely thinking outside the box and following his own path – this is what freestyle is all about.

  4. Definitely already there. It’s great to see a kid dropping a heavy hitting edit without any filler and bullshit. Reminds me of the boss. indeed Trev!!!

    Good work!

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