Matthias Dandois qualifies 1st at MulaFest in Madrid, Spain

I don’t have a photo from Mulafest, so here is Matthias during his signature no handed spinning half packer at Extreme Barcelona, photo by Ruben Vigil.

Mulafest qualifiers went down today in Madrid, Spain. Matthias Dandois just tweeted the top three. Finals tomorrow.

1- Matthias Dandois
2- Dez Maarsen
3- Alex Jumelin

Besides a regular contest, the Madrid locals hosted a few fun events for everyone to get involved and win some cash (10-20 Euros per event):


Forkglide Race: Mario Garcia
Hitchhiker Limbo: Alberto Moya
Suicide: Miguel Tardio
Ride with other bike contest: David Carmona
Best Trick Pro: Alberto Moya
Bet Trick Amateur: Byron Seco Vela
Jam Fight: Dez Maarsen
Longest Steamroller: Varo Hernandez
Longest Gerator: Varo Hernandez
Fastest Spin: Varo Hernandez

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