O’Marsiquiño – 11/13th August Vigo, Spain


Guelo Monzon Sangareau just hit me up with some contest news in Spain:

“This year I’m organazing the Xtreme sports festival called O’Marsiquiño as you may new there will be flatland contest as every year!

This is a great contest in a great city, it’s like a holidays, Alex Jumelin came last year and he really loved the contest and the city, he’s coming back this year too!

About the prize money for the contest it’s gonna be like this:

It’s a total of 1700€ price money which is ok, I would like to make this contest bigger, but for it i need more flatland riders to come!
Also will be a street and park contest here will come big names, Daniel Dhers already came 3 years to this event Alex Donnachie, this year, Simone barraco is coming, Joris Culomb, Broc Raiford.
So it’s a big event!

The contest will be the 11,12 and 13th of August, in the city of Vigo which is in the northwest side of Spain.
There are planes to Vigo but maybe is cheaper for some people to flight to Madrid and then take a train or bus to Vigo.”

Alex Jumelin wins Omarisquino Contest in Vigo, Spain!


Congratulations to Alex Jumelin who took the win at the annual Omarisquino contest in Vigo, Spain, Alex was followed on the podium by Viki Gomez and Miguel Tardio. A lil’ bit of a surprise to see Matthias Dandois outside of the podium positions, hopefully some video footage soon.

1- Alex Jumelin
2- Viki Gomez
3- Miguel Tardio
4- Matthias Dandois
5- Alberto Moya

Matthias Dandois wins O’Marisquino in Vigo, Spain!


Matthias Dandois is on a roll and took another win this weekend at the O’Marisquino Contest in Vigo, Spain followed by Viki Gomez and Miguel Tardio on the podium. Mario Garcia got fourth place just missing the third place spot, and young gun Varo Hernandez took the fifth place. Around 30 riders showed up, and Varo Hernandez reports that the Pro finals were amazing! Hopefully some videos soon!

1-Matthias Dandois
2-Viki Gomez
3-Miguel Tardio
4-Mario Garcia
5-Varo Hernandez

1-Iñigo Arroyo
2-Remus Simion
3-Kobi Valero
We were around 30 riders at the contest and pro final was amazing, hopefuly videos soon

Matthias Dandois wins MulaFest in Madrid, Spain!


Matthias Dandois just won the MulaFest contest in Madrid, Spain followed on the podium by Dez Maarsen and Guelo Monzón (check the top three runs already posted by Alberto Moya! The flatland contest was held thanks to GG.M Image Mannagement, Action Wheels and Meollo.

1- Matthias Dandois
2- Dez Maarsen
3- Guelo Monzón
4- Miguel Tardío
5-Alberto Moya
6-Alex Jumelin
7-Mario García
8- Varo Hernández.

1- Jose Sanchez
2- Iñigo Arroyo
3- Byron Vela “SECO”
4- Guille Street
5-Alvaro Sardinero
6-Carito Peich
7-Lucia Gomez
8- Roger Gracia

Matthias Dandois qualifies 1st at MulaFest in Madrid, Spain

I don’t have a photo from Mulafest, so here is Matthias during his signature no handed spinning half packer at Extreme Barcelona, photo by Ruben Vigil.

Mulafest qualifiers went down today in Madrid, Spain. Matthias Dandois just tweeted the top three. Finals tomorrow.

1- Matthias Dandois
2- Dez Maarsen
3- Alex Jumelin

Besides a regular contest, the Madrid locals hosted a few fun events for everyone to get involved and win some cash (10-20 Euros per event):


Forkglide Race: Mario Garcia
Hitchhiker Limbo: Alberto Moya
Suicide: Miguel Tardio
Ride with other bike contest: David Carmona
Best Trick Pro: Alberto Moya
Bet Trick Amateur: Byron Seco Vela
Jam Fight: Dez Maarsen
Longest Steamroller: Varo Hernandez
Longest Gerator: Varo Hernandez
Fastest Spin: Varo Hernandez

Mulafest – 25/28th June / Madrid, Spain


Contests coming up thick and fast during the summer season! Viki Gomez sent in some contest for the end of June, read on!

“GG.M.image together with it’s team riders Aberto Moya and Varo Hernandez, are organizing a contest in Madrid called MULAFEST that will take place from the 25th to the 28th of June with fun smaller Flatland contests activities the first 2 days and the real contest on Saturday and Sunday. There will be good prize money and accommodation for international riders, and lots of parties and concerts everyday.
Please riders interested contact at ggm@ggmimage.com ”



Iñigo Arroyo – Leioa Skatepark Session

19 year old, Iñigo Arroyo from Bilbao, Spain sent in this new edit for us to all to check out! Filmed in Leioa Skatepark, this is not a park edit but riding flatland at the skatepark which is something I can relate to, nice front and back wheel skills, and also always refreshing to see a few touches here and there for a dose of realism.