Matthias Dandois wins MulaFest in Madrid, Spain!


Matthias Dandois just won the MulaFest contest in Madrid, Spain followed on the podium by Dez Maarsen and Guelo Monzón (check the top three runs already posted by Alberto Moya! The flatland contest was held thanks to GG.M Image Mannagement, Action Wheels and Meollo.

1- Matthias Dandois
2- Dez Maarsen
3- Guelo Monzón
4- Miguel Tardío
5-Alberto Moya
6-Alex Jumelin
7-Mario García
8- Varo Hernández.

1- Jose Sanchez
2- Iñigo Arroyo
3- Byron Vela “SECO”
4- Guille Street
5-Alvaro Sardinero
6-Carito Peich
7-Lucia Gomez
8- Roger Gracia

One thought on “Matthias Dandois wins MulaFest in Madrid, Spain!

  1. Next spanish stop: o’marisquiño in vigo. Beach, party, and contest! Glad to see guelo in top three. Powerhouse and save King!

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