Matthias Dandois vs Jean William Prevost Semi Final Battle: Red Bull Circle of Balance 2022

Semi Final battles are tense and so exciting to watch, don’t miss this one as Matthias Dandois fresh back from injury goes head to head with a fired up Jean William Prevost. This was one of the best battles of the whole contest!

3 thoughts on “Matthias Dandois vs Jean William Prevost Semi Final Battle: Red Bull Circle of Balance 2022

  1. Damn …. fresh off a broken ankle , newborn child at home and STILL busting out some sweet, signature freestyled lines . Mad respect to Matthias ! Dub just coming in swinging his new swords. ( new tricks ! ) X-leg no handed back yard rolls , rolling under taker , direct step up to inside , carving /pedal stance rope , etc !! This battle was da SEEEZZZZ , seriously …..I love when Dub is riding , feeling , and vibing his raw , attack mode- emotions…. for all to see and feel …..I.G.I.2023 ! Can’t thank ya enough , Big-E …….

    • No doubt Rodney, its amazing that Matthias came back to riding and his consistency levels so high! Dub was so focused, and wanted it! It was so tense watching this live, the atmosphere was electric!

      • THAT save , also ……..damn , dude ! That forward no handed death truck save , just leeeaaaaned back and STILL held on . When he even totally threw the dice , stepping up to those damn pedals to cruise his signature fork lift , holding it ,and jump / over taker back down to exit …..I was bugging man. He REALLY wanted to prove / show the judges that he meant business at was going FULL STOP . I’ve leaned back like that in a basic crack packer .Which is literally a trick that riders these days, being so skilled and have been riding 2 years …. they learn ,dial , and even spin / turbine them , ha….I just doing it rolling straight and I’ve totally sketched it , fallen off , when I’ve leaned that far back , ha…..and were talking about a forward, no handed death truck , MID-LINE ! Dub is a contest AND video part jedi on a bike …….he just sent and NAILED those two last amazing lines………..

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