Michael Steingraeber – BMX Freestyle Worlds, Kenn, 1990

BMX Freestyle Worlds, Kenn, 1990 from Michael Steingraeber on Vimeo.

Mike S explains this one:

“I recently stumbled across this video of the end of my world champion run at the 1990 Kenn BMX Freestyle Worlds. That’s 25 years ago this august: a quarter of a century! I remembered it as a flawless run. I guess I was wrong. Too much raditude after managing the hard part of the death truck to dump truck! I was especially excited to be able to watch my first original link: A chick whip to x-footed locomotive. I had been practicing this a lot, tried it a lot during warm up before the finals and actually did it in my run. I was so happy that day!”

Here is the video I took this footage from:

8 thoughts on “Michael Steingraeber – BMX Freestyle Worlds, Kenn, 1990

  1. Geat post, Michael! I remember that contest very well. Rainer’s Bike Shop from Karlsruhe brought us new frames and pegs to take back to Serbia. We paid for them normally but it still felt like we won the BMX lottery 🙂

      • Hi Lee
        I’m in East Grinstead at present and thought we could have a coffee if you’re anywhere nearby.
        I used to be Susan Storey which is what you will remember me as.
        I’ve got a FB page as Sue Harrison and you can message me via that.
        Frostie and Mark doing very well. They say you are not in touch with them though.
        Are you still teaching?

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