Michael Steingraeber – BMX Freestyle Worlds, Kenn, 1990

BMX Freestyle Worlds, Kenn, 1990 from Michael Steingraeber on Vimeo.

Mike S explains this one:

“I recently stumbled across this video of the end of my world champion run at the 1990 Kenn BMX Freestyle Worlds. That’s 25 years ago this august: a quarter of a century! I remembered it as a flawless run. I guess I was wrong. Too much raditude after managing the hard part of the death truck to dump truck! I was especially excited to be able to watch my first original link: A chick whip to x-footed locomotive. I had been practicing this a lot, tried it a lot during warm up before the finals and actually did it in my run. I was so happy that day!”

Here is the video I took this footage from: