Michael Steingraeber – Hate/hate relationship!

Hate/hate relationship! from Michael Steingraeber on Vimeo.

Mike S explains this one for you all:

“I love brakeless perverteds. But I hate them more, because i can’t seem to get them dialed! Restarted our relationship today, pulling three while someone else posted a video of himself pulling three in one go. John Yull is a madman!”

4 thoughts on “Michael Steingraeber – Hate/hate relationship!

  1. The 365 riding every day concept reminds me – Andrew Faris telling me when he looking to beat Trevor Meyer and take the from the top spot in X Games/XTrials era, he had a calandar in his bedroom and ticked off every day of that year. By the mid point of that next coming season he was winning a lot, including the Worlds as well as X trials.

    Somewhat off topic, always interesting to see what one of the most skilled flatlanders is up to! And nice this isn’t contest related, but just for love of riding. Good stuff Mike!

  2. Thanks P., thanks E!
    Just trying to ride a lot I guess. I’ve skipped two days due to being sick already. But Scott O. had the idea to make up for that by having two sessions on days when that’s possible. Managed to do one of those double days already so I’m at -1 now. It’s fun so far!
    Today brought me back to 2002 Philadelphia. Will post a short clip in 5 days.
    Mike S.

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