4 thoughts on “Midnight Session Akiba

  1. More of this. The great present day riders together!! Dez Noyer Pelorson Bellanti Higa Yuki Hudson all need to be riding together.

  2. TOTALLY agreed with EVERY word stated by MORGANNN / SOUTH BANK O.G. Johann !!! LOVED THIS , really dig how YUKI drops EACH riders combo , back TO back , and the MUSIC fit the MOOD / VIBE of a LATE night session in the GLORIOUS land of the RISING sun !!! I ALWAYS look forward to ANYTHING ……………………………….SLLLLLAAAAAAAAMMMMMM DOZERED / FILMED / EDITED by YUKI , BANGING / FLOWING / TECH combo with their SIGNATURE twists on them by EVERY rider , INCLUDING YUKI , ALSO !! Maaaaaaaaaan THIS edit gets me AMMMMMPPED to session NOW !!!

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