Mimosas: A Flatland Film

A BMX Flatland Video.
Produced by Anthony Schneidewind and Adam Guild.
Bringing underground riders together from around the world in this full length mixtape video.

Featured Riders:

Aaron Wright (Canada)
Teak (Florida)
Malte Orth (Germany)
Anthony Schneidewind (Wisconsin)
Bri Welch (Wisconsin)
Ramón López-Colón (Puerto Rico)
Juan Carlos Moronta (Dominican Republic)
Brandon Woldridge (Oklahoma)
Robert Victoria (Dominican Republic, New York)
Seth Johnson (Illinois)
Adam Guild (South Carolina)
Scott Hagnas (Oregon)
Thiago Baby (Brazil)
Chris Armstrong (Indiana)
Alejandro Marques (Venezuela)

and 43 others all mixed in.

The goal of Mimosas is to show love to the underground flatland scene from around the world; from amateur to pro level riders in a mixtape style full length video. I teamed up with Adam Guild to blend his video series “Doses” and my previous video “Moments” to create the collaborative full-length flatland BMX film, Mimosas.

Sit back relax and enjoy.

6 thoughts on “Mimosas: A Flatland Film

  1. Loved it! Absolute celebration of flatland and all its many different styles! Congrats! And Ramon–Those whips were solid man!

  2. Much love to both Anthony Schneidewind and Adam Guild for this showcase of the underground scene. Hope to see more of these mixtapes

  3. Just wanted to send out props to all the riders, without you guys out there busting ,none of the videos we made would have ever happened…Just to keep it real, Tony did the majority of all the work on this…I helped recruit and gave music ideas, rode and gave advice ( not always necessarily taken hahahah) ..I love the multicultural aspect Mimosas and Doses has provided the community and would love to see more riders from around the globe in video features like this. Again, thanks to Tony and All the Riders featured and not featured …Maybe we can squeek another collaboration in this year, if anyone is down..

    • THANK YOU , Anthony / Guru Guild . This is so good . So many great, diverse riding styles by so many underground…. and in some ways, unsung rippers on their bikes. I’m digging this . Highlights so far for me are you , Adam , Malte Orth , Teak , Seth Johnson , Brandon Woldridge , etc …..EVERYONE got down . I really appreciate you dealing with me asking you over and over to get Khaled Huerta in the video . He’s one of those cats whose into doing long lines on his bike and with flowing / graceful style . I’ve been a fan of his riding since 2017 ,I just had to keep recommending him to you , Adam . Thank you . I also appreciate you asking me to join in on this party . However , I just didn’t want to film any small lines . LOL. I’m into long links these days . This video is again , SO rad . Thanks , times 7 , again to all the riders , Anthony and you Mr. Doses BMX 2023 …….. MIMOSAS!

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