Must Watch! Jean William Prévost: Comes in Waves

Jean William Prévost just dropped what may well be, edit of the year. If the edit is your album, this is like Nas Illmatic. Mind blown. I will be catching up with the man himself soon to discuss this edit, amongst other things. Let’s celebrate this masterpiece..

“This video edit visits 4 of the spots I have spent A LOT of time at in the past 3 years or so. Chinatown, Home, Dojo and The Hall. The setting takes place in Montreal, but the vibe is very inner sanctum and fighting the good fight to make new lines & tricks come to life.
This one goes out to everyone catching their own wave and making the best of it. Riding Flatland is the furthest thing from surfing as we shred the pavements of the urban jungles of the world, yet everything we do in life vibes at a frequency, and that frequency has its own rhythm. Sometimes you have to put the thing you love the most aside and come back to it with a fresh mindset and give it another go and ride that wave anew. Sometimes you over practice a certain trick and it doesn’t help it come to life as would putting aside and coming back to it later would.
I can’t really find the words to describe the pain, love, happiness and suffering that went behind this video. I hope you like it, share it, show it to your friends and let them know the magic of this sport through this video. I hope the love I have for the sport is felt, absorbed and something important can be retained or withdrawn from this compilation. None of this shit happens on its own, its a perfect case of fall down, get back up try again and that over 1 million times over. One of the tricks in this video took me over 10 years to finally land. It might still look a bit rough, but in my heart I am happy that fight is over.
If there was one thing I could do if i get another go at life, would be to start riding earlier and more rigorously so that I could learn even crazier maneuvers at an even earlier onset with the modern light bikes :))) . Although, if this is the only one I get, I will settle with this one chance I get…
Thanks to Scott Denoncourt, Kevin Carroll, KEith and Tammy for helping with the take down at the Dojo, leaving that space was very emotional. That place doesn’t even exist anymore, a place of which I know every little bump and crack is already long gone as this edit comes out! SO WEIRD!
Thanks to Reklamation Bikes & Far East Cycles for everything they have made possible in my life. Thanks to the people that support me without expecting something in return.
Thanks to Flatland for believing in me and my products, I am infinitely grateful for the love and support IGI is getting throughout the World.
For those who have a hard time believing in themselves, just remember that it comes in waves and that its ok to take a break as long as you get back to it in a timely manner. Nothing happens on its own. Flatland isn’t easy but it’s a great teacher, though its lessons won’t come until you let the waves of its wisdom hit you over the years of practice in a cycle of working hard and letting go.”

12 thoughts on “Must Watch! Jean William Prévost: Comes in Waves

  1. shout out to Dub for this! amazing progression comes from so much hard work to keep evolving like this. Top of his game!

  2. If this doesn’t make you want to go ride, you are dead inside. Loved every second of it, and the essay above is inspiring as well.

  3. Holy crap! That was phenomenal. Dub – bravo. This is the culmination of years and years AND YEARS of hard work, dedication, blood sweat and tears. Dub has dedicated his life to this game. Everything he’s done and gotten has been well earned!

  4. Mind blowing ! I can’t imagine the time you have spent on this little bike…But thanks for showing us that everything is possible ! Keep on rocking Dub. See you soon, maybe at La Caserne ?

  5. It’s so awesome to see a rider at the top of his game still have this kind of intensity and dedication. So many bangers in here. It really shows how hard he pushes himself and his style to come up with some truly wild pivots.

  6. Watched it many times already, will watch many more. So awesome to see this man’s concepts and style evolve and come to life. Very heavy and relatable. Coming from that, it’s an emotional experience that captures the bonds we form with our surroundings. Like god damn the ridings so next level insane by itself, but to have the combination of insight into the process captured with it really makes you feel it that much more. So much love goes into this shit to keep riding the ups and downs of pursuing progression. Struggling to balance life and make it all work. Getting so little and yet so much in return at the same time. When you finally get that little crumb of progress you’ve pushed and fought what seems like the world and time itself for, no one can take that feeling from you. Flatlands some crazy stuff that can be enjoyed on many levels. Congratulations and thank you Dub. For the edit, and also doing the IGI parts. It all makes a difference and is greatly appreciated. Everyone ride on!

  7. His alien glide , drop down to cross rocket ,turbine to X-leg step through to inside cross rocket ……directly to switch-B line was wild ! So was his alien glide turbine , E.T. pedal to pump and quick foot switch going into another inside circle , mid-line .I’ve studied this edit for MONTHS ,since it first dropped and for good reason . The difficulty , originality , and great style factors are all top tier and equal . Whiplash -hitchhiker juggler line to hiker kickflip , even the 180 pop to rocket turbines ,drop to cross fire haul line , so,so steeezy ……all and every detail in every second of his riding is as SLLLLAAAAMMMED as one could ask for. Dude rides ,I think 165 m.m cranks ? Which makes it even harder instead of a longer crank arm , carving , turbining , and spinning up there on that pedal with so much power. Only Dub can do what he does on a bike and this edit will be good decades from today…….

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