MOC Timesaver Bar ends

This product is a tool that helps you to learn all Hitchhiker based tricks A LOT easier and faster. It can be a very basic Hitchhiker to more complex opposite Cross footed Hitchhikers and many other tricks.

This product has been tested by several riders and the results have been remarkable: The learning time of Cross Footed Hitchhikers have been ridiculously short!! For that reason this product is called Timesaver Barends!

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6 thoughts on “MOC Timesaver Bar ends

  1. Does anyone remember the KHE Hitch rings from the early 90s? It was the same idea. I met some riders in the late 90 who also put bearings on the handlebar. It is like in the fashion business. You just need to wait, everything comes back sooner or later.

  2. Used same mod myself mid 90s learning hitch… My last 3 freestyler edits 106,107 and 108 helped me to pull impossible new tricks with these bar ends. Time-saver indeed…

  3. Thee are so nice!

    Blah blah blah – A lot of people saying it was done before, but you are all missing the point. It’s not about being first or having to ‘do it the hard way’ or DIY – it’s about people now having a more elegant solution to the same xft problem that you al had.

    The design of these looks really refined. That means that you could keep them on your bike all the time without having something weird looking in the way, which was always the biggest problem in the past – the fact that they interfered with other tricks and you only ran them to work on a trick that was in your head before the session.

    I have only ever met two guys who kept rolling barends on their bike all the time for years and years (Karl Hughes and Pop Kojohn) and they both designed and made their own. Karl Hughes mounted bearings inside Wethepeople Ti bar caps and Pop Kojohn has some kind of one way bearings on his bars.

    I sure would have preferred to run these than grind $60 worth of titanium into the asphalt and crack a Bizhouse faceplate. By the time I’d learned xft hikers I was done with xft tricks for years. Is that a ‘rite of passage’ that I would want others to experience? Fuck no! I’d rather that others could get further more quickly.

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