Must Listen! Chase Gouin – Radio Interview Part 2!

Yo, Here’s the link to the second and final part of the radio interview with Chase Gouin many of you have been waiting for! He discusses about his health, signature frame, taking part in contests, favourite riders, suggestions to beginners, and influence of flatland in his life. You really don’t want to miss this! The interview is in English and Spanish. Great work Luis!

4 thoughts on “Must Listen! Chase Gouin – Radio Interview Part 2!

  1. Two amazing interviews, with so much knowledge! Great advice for beginners, and totally agree what Chase says about variety. Having that trick base is so important, flatland will always catch up you up otherwise and to a it will always anyway, but you will have so much further to take your riding with that trick base. Much respect Luis and Chase for the interviews!

  2. This is the trick base I learnt and what helped me to create new tricks and variations! I try to advice this to the new generations but it seems they just care about stylish tricks, which is normal and respectable! They want to ride and have fun, but I definitely have different reasons to ride besides having fun. Wherever you want to go deep in life is not just fun and it becomes a lifestyle. This is why I ride and I love it!

    • Just gotta say a point about Chase riding in contests, I thought Chase in the early 90’s (1992 springs to mind) was incredible during contests. His run at King of Concrete, the Worlds in Budapest, Rider Cup, absolutely killer! Then 93, not even his bike at the Worlds in France, amazing runs.

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