Must Watch: Akihiko Takahashi / Reboot

5:35 of insanity right here from backwards master Akihiko Takahashi, there is so much to take in here. Filmed between July and December of this year, mind blown, let’s talk about this one in the comments section.

Go watch this one right now!!

16 thoughts on “Must Watch: Akihiko Takahashi / Reboot

  1. Ouch!…so good it hurts. This is insane. Pedal undertaker links mid edit and not even the end banger of the bunch??? Amazingly smooth unwavering control all backwards.

  2. So much difficulty …..AND alot of new stuff added ….. Backwards back packer ,yank/ pivot to x-leg hiker , backwards side packer ,flap jack ,pivot to cyclone exit ( stylish . ) That backwards jump lash , landing cross. ( in a crazy line at that ! ) Akihiko is out there in his own lane of flatland….just rolling a backwards crack , side packer by itself is stupid hard……and those are pretty mush his ” set up ” tricks , ha…..that yank up, via pedal rope . ( upper body strength . ) This is so slammed …….I still remember watching him in a prelim battle at the Flatland Voodoo Jam , 2007 that I saw on video . ( I bought all of Rad Dad’s raw footage from him , ha. ) All I was thinking was ” This guy rules , he should be in the finals based off of his difficulty in lines ,alone. “……….must watch and then some….you were at that contest , Effraim , I’m sure you remember ….

  3. Woah! This made me want to drop everything and go ride my bike. Then immediately made me want to quit riding. For serious though great job! Definitely had an older vibe to the edit. Like a snippet from an Intrikat video or yellow fever. So good!

    • Did not ride a lot this year, but this edit kicked me to hit some backward stuff as well. Unfortunately 30cm of snow right now! Always great to see this guy rides! Wish to meet him one day…

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