Must Watch: Benjamin Hudson / It’s Ok Part 2

Loving these parts dropping over the last week from Benjamin Hudson, the man from Chile blessed with one of the best styles in the game. The pinky squeak step over stuff in this edit is not only so hard brakeless, but he does it all so clean. Respect!!

7 thoughts on “Must Watch: Benjamin Hudson / It’s Ok Part 2

  1. Someone mentioned Stephen Royer, maybe it´s the black and white, but he reminds me of Paul Osicka, so smooth, almost messing with you on purpose, short to the point links, and so hard but done so smooth. And how quick he gets to the pedals without pumping, so powerful.

    • I can see that, Benjamin is blessed for me with that “flatland” style, where everything flows and appears effortless. Its beautiful to watch, every since his first part with Far East I’ve been a big fan! As I am sure we all are!

  2. I must of watched this 6 times ,already……bruuuuv …..his bars big , right hand upside down , QUICK , milli second ,cowboy step / switch -hybrid move…….landing bar small , x-armed … the same damn time, switching his hands back ..upon landing to Mc circle transition….SICK. So technical , beautiful and flowing. Hudson kills it always…love this.

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