Must watch! Bert Ribul Winter 2012

I’ve been waiting for this part for a while! And oh boy did Bert deliver! Talk about progression from this guy! So many hard switches, the combo at 1:48 is insane! One of the best edits of the year so far without a doubt! Stickied for the day!

45 thoughts on “Must watch! Bert Ribul Winter 2012

  1. Painfully smooth. Doesn’t even look like he’s trying. Looks like he could be out walking his dog rather than doing insanely hard stuff on a bike.

  2. Holy bananas! Style for miles! The flow is refreshing and crazzzzyy hard. First video I’ve sat and repeated for a long minute 🙂

  3. Great stuff! Love the cliffhanger varial at the beginning and yah the quick sequence of switches at 1:50 is even better. On a side note, I wonder how quickly he will wear out that door with the motion sensor in the background?

  4. Killer riding. Another young blood that’s got an awesome future.

    BTW, this sticky option is sweet. I’m glad flatmatters has adopted it, because I think it helps increases the shelf life for some edits beyond just the few hours they’re in the first page of media. Which I think is pretty nice for guys who’ve put months of work into an edit.

    • I will be the first to admit I’ve missed a beat with the whole “stickie” thing, it turns out it wasn’t that difficult at all to do. So in future any standout edits will be stickied. And give them so much deserved time at the top of the site.
      Bert’s edit stood out for me as well, because he’s part of a new generation of pros (Aleksi Ritsila etc) that are killing it as much as anyone else right now.

  5. @effraim hahahhaha nice as it is but can be sexier.

    @master martti: he knowz how i think 😉 btw the boss how is the new job? Wanna update the flatland community? 🙂 hope all is well with the master on dubz!!!!

    • We already discussed Jeff Desroche and the similarities with the link Lisias, Jeff went back to karl, Bert continues round to x-ft steam opposite side. Dope trick! And i am stoked on this new generation of Pro, it is much needed in the flatland scene!

  6. There isn´t a trick in this world that someone would not say it´s done by him or him or that dude that specific year.
    That´s very closed minded thinking and it disgusts me. Bert delivered a great clip so all props belong to him.

  7. thats awesome! favourite motivating clip for riding at the moment

    and who cares if there is a similar run? only people who are jealous.

  8. that’s right, as far as i know there is no intellectual property on tricks. Flatlanders share tricks freely, i think we’ve had enough of this phobia about ‘not beeing the most original rider around’. Fuck it, let’s just ride…Some will be naturally original, others naturallywon’t, and that’s fine. But who cares about ‘stealing tricks’, i like to think that tricks are every riders property (but outside of the competition arena off course)

  9. I think it’s important for dude’s to be critical of originality. In my opinion, that’s the epitome of top level riding, it’s what distinguishes the good riders from the great riders. However, in the case of Bert, it isn’t warranted. Bert’s actually got some really original ideas and he’s going in his own direction.

    The only reason why people are even mentioning Jeff D’s trick is because it’s really the only thing that is close to what Bert did at 1:48. That type of trick hasn’t really been tapped into at all (because of difficulty), so people don’t have 5 or 6 variations of that trick type to compare it to. When you watch the two tricks back to back you’ll noticed they’re totally different.

  10. “That´s very closed minded thinking and it disgusts me.”
    Isn’t that a logical fallacy? If one were open minded then couldn’t one openly and honestly discuss the topic w/out being disgusted, hence this disgust manifests itself from closed minded thinking? Also, there are tricks that were not done by others in specific years, and many would agree. But i do agree with the sentiment, it’s not worth hating because people do similar tricks to each other. Pop a wheelie.

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