25 thoughts on “Must Watch! Chase Gouin – Uncut

  1. cool to see Chase on it and recovered!360pedal mega was awsome………..by the way i have riding spot envy!

  2. That was awesome. Loved the pedal frontyard and especially the switch out of the switch pedal hang five 25 seconds from the end. There’s always so much to take in watching Chase! Great to see him still killing it.

  3. super stoked for you Chase! back on your bike where you belong, my vote for edit of the year and a big slap in the face to all the H .P.H (High seat-Post Haters) out there!

  4. Awesome edit! Chase is back and being a boss. That last whippy trick was off the hook.

    Cant help but laugh at that “high post haters” comment though. Does anybody ever understand these people? Never ran into a single flatlander that criticized me about my seat post height. Come on guys stop making up stuff. The world isn’t against you.

  5. So good!! It always means that little bit more when you see a rider (ie. legend) still busting out after having been in the game since practically day 1. Awesome to see Chase still on it like always.

  6. I certainly can relate to how Chase must have been feeling when recapturing that serenity of riding alone after dealing with health issues that threaten the chance of ever riding again. It makes me breath deeper each time I hear those tires spinning. Continued good health Chase.

  7. @ greg leuschner first off I AM NOT A LIAR AND NOT MAKING UP STUFF , in the town i live(harlow) im constantly slagged off for my seat post – by non flat riders and even two newbies to flat say they wouldnt run post high due to others comments, i tell em run your post where you want its called freestyle for a reason. maybe i shoudnt have mentioned it in my comment on Chase’s edit its that id just had piss takes from a some riders at local bowl. peace

  8. great to see one of the world’s best flatlanders of all time back on it – considering his illness, age, tendonitus (if that is what he gets in his elbows,wrist and joints) chase shows no sign of letting up. great to see him back riding hard, some new twists to certain tricks and good to see plenty of scuffing. top stuff.

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