Must Watch! Dez Maarsen – March in Madrid!!

Dez Maarsen – March in Madrid from Dez Maarsen on Vimeo.

Been waiting on this edit all week and this does not disappoint! Classic NWA track and amazing riding from Dutch’s finest, the combo at 03:30 is so good!! A lot of combos Dez says were pulled for the first time! Go watch this already! Hyped!!

16 thoughts on “Must Watch! Dez Maarsen – March in Madrid!!

  1. Really nice edit Dez! Loving the madrid vibes, the riding spots look amazing!! So many good combos, the 3:30 combo stood out on the first watch but there is so much more!

  2. That was some of the best riding I’ve ever seen out of him. Some unique and new stuff I’ve never seen before too. Sick edit!

  3. Had to watch it twice. First time through all that was in my head was Dorkin 3 closing scene. But Dez pushed that out with some sick new stuff! Props!

  4. Thanks for the comments guys! It’s very motivating! Unfortunately I have never seen Dorkin’3 and i feel really embarrassed!! If someone could upload it? I would love to see some flatland roots!

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