Must Watch!! FlatWebTV Mike Daily Interview – Aggro Rag, Subrosa DTT and More!

This is an absolute watch for any flatlander out there! Flatmatters would not be here now if it wasn’t for Aggro Rag.
Learn your history about the Plywood Hoods, ‘zine making and to what is now Modern day Flatland! Mike Daily, original Plywood Hood member and creator of Aggro Rag Freestyle Mag sat down with FlatWebTV to talk about the release of his book (the collection of issues 1-12 of Aggro Rag), his history producing the ‘zine and the collaboration with Subrosa to release an Aggro Rag edition of the 2013 Subrosa DTT. Aggro Rag is an amazing piece of history and this interview brings some of those stories to life. Keep watching through to the credits and you’ll also see some of Mike’s recent riding!

13 thoughts on “Must Watch!! FlatWebTV Mike Daily Interview – Aggro Rag, Subrosa DTT and More!

  1. Thank you Anthony, Mike Daily and the Plywood Hoods! Before flatmatters was my Totally Intense ‘zine, that was inspired from being a kid and reading all about xerox ‘zines in freestylin’ and the one I always looked at in the magazines, and wanted was…Aggro Rag!
    I miss that cut and paste process that by and large lost in the digital world, in a lot of ways it was like flatland, you can position tricks in combos a totally different way if you want and come up with different ideas, its never ending.
    This is a such a good piece for the flatland archives! I urge every flatlander to watch this, and learn a lil’ of where you came from, and what came before you.

  2. Thanks E! This was a lot of fun to put together. Mike’s a really good guy and I’m so happy that his book is coming out. Well deserved. There’s so much history involved. The book is truly amazing for both the graphic, visual aesthetic as well as the journalism. I’m thankful there were guys like Mike and Mark Eaton back in the day who thought about documenting the scene the way they did.

  3. That interview was soooo good. Just re-inforced why I pre-ordred the book.
    Can t wait to read it. Thanks Mike and Anthony. History really!
    It s all BMX!

  4. Great job FlatWeb tv. I’m a little jealous of the frame Anthony. I’ve been wanting to ride a double top tube since I got back into riding three years ago. I tried to find a frame that would be like my old Haro or RL 20 II. Settled on the Strowler since it was the only rider that I recognized still in the flatland game.
    Very cool. Going to go order the mag now.

  5. I don’t even know where to start with this, it’s hard to get across in this day and age of instant media the anticipation I felt of getting the next Dorkin’ video or snippet from Aggrorag to feed off…the influence the Hoods had on me during late 80’s to 90’s is still burning today in my everyday life.
    Brilliant job Flat Web getting this done!!!
    The feeling is back andIburning again whilst I wait for my new frame…I wonder what number it will be?

  6. @ Reggie, thanks. You will be glad you ordered the book. Exactly spot on about supporting riders. I’m psyched to get the Subrosa double top tube frame. Now if I could just get my old Ozone back…

    @Lincoln, exactly. We are a bit spoiled now of course, but I recall the days of waiting for the next Dorkin and then begging to borrow it from the first local rider who got it.

  7. Got my book today. Even though I have the zines it’s still amazing to,see this compilation. I’m glad Mike did this and I could help. Just like we did back in the day.

  8. Yeah! I forgot about the Ozone frame Anthony. White and chrome with pink decals if I remember correctly. Similar colors to your ordered frame. You going to ride the new frame or hang it on the wall? By the way, you and your boy Justin sent me stickers a few years ago. Placed them in my little BMX memorabilia room next to the RAD poster…lol. Thanks man.

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