Must Watch!! FlatWebTV Mike Daily Interview – Aggro Rag, Subrosa DTT and More!

This is an absolute watch for any flatlander out there! Flatmatters would not be here now if it wasn’t for Aggro Rag.
Learn your history about the Plywood Hoods, ‘zine making and to what is now Modern day Flatland! Mike Daily, original Plywood Hood member and creator of Aggro Rag Freestyle Mag sat down with FlatWebTV to talk about the release of his book (the collection of issues 1-12 of Aggro Rag), his history producing the ‘zine and the collaboration with Subrosa to release an Aggro Rag edition of the 2013 Subrosa DTT. Aggro Rag is an amazing piece of history and this interview brings some of those stories to life. Keep watching through to the credits and you’ll also see some of Mike’s recent riding!