Must Watch! Gonzalo “Pola” Bellanti – “Whiplash”

Gonzalo “Pola” Bellanti – “Whiplash” from Eighties Bike Co. on Vimeo.

2015 has begun with crazy edits already, don’t miss this new edit from Gonzalo “Pola” Bellanti based around the Whiplash. Gonzalo drops some great variations like bar flip whiplash at 1:01, double one handed turbine whiplash at 2:27 plus all types of jump lash variations. I’m hitting the rewind!

15 thoughts on “Must Watch! Gonzalo “Pola” Bellanti – “Whiplash”

  1. Just watched this again, and got to comment on how much attention to detail was put in to these combos. Every single one of them was so beautifully crafted.

    The overall theme of whiplashes was obviously present, but each combo featured a technique which was displayed with enough consistency and repetition that let you know Gonz is the fuckin man, but without too much repetition that you get bored throughout a single line or the whole edit.

    Congrats on a killer edit!

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