Must Watch: James White/ Fifty Shades of White

As James White celebrates his 50th birthday, he does in it style with this amazing retrospective mix of his riding career so far, including input from the likes of Pete Brandt, Lincoln Blacksley, Amos Burke, Jesse Puente, Chase Gouin, Jason Forde, and many more. I am on the third watch now, and notice different things within his edit that had me stoked, and had me crying with laughter, straight up Flatland at it’s best!

There is only one edit to watch today!

Happy 50th birthday James!

11 thoughts on “Must Watch: James White/ Fifty Shades of White

  1. This video is incredible in so many ways. The editing, the tricks, years of dedication, original tricks, and the fact he was able to get all that footage together. Can any edit possibly Match this?!?! We’re talking a lifetime type edit with a rider still goin strong right now. Much respect James and Happy Birthday.

  2. What I would give to have a tricktionary on my bike ,like James ! This edit had me jump straight up out my chair in disbelief ! I thought I had a idea of just how much he has had , learned under his sleeve ……..I feel VERY dumb now , haha. DAMN , hes accomplished tons on his bike , TIMES 7 . I would of PAID to watch this just ONCE . No B.S. ……every line , trick , the music , overall feel and good, celebratory vibe throughout this ….was SPOT ON ! Happy 50th to one of the most SLLLAAMMMED riders from across the pond…….hell , if Im being honest……one of the most skilled riders in general ! STILL going strong RE-evolving his riding style , STILL innovating , and doing it all the while holding down a prestigious white collar gig , a family , etc ,etc……..Im single , live at my moms , no wife , kids ………and if you gave me 10 LIFE TIMES starting…….NOW …..I seriously , seriously DOUBT I would even be able , or even come close to learning a mere sliver of the enormous ICEBERG of tricks that Sir WHITE has pulled and learned , haha ! Damn , bruv ………just take a look at him pioneering his FULL body varial stubble duck pivots ……ZERO tire touch / scuffing ! I touch my tire just WALKING past my bike , if ya catch my drift / humor , haha ! His NEMESIS edit……….THAT is a visual testament to what it REALLY take to be able to do a signature JAMES WHITE move , and THAT line is untouchable to THIS day and will be in 2030 , haha ! Bravo , Mr. White ……progressing the sport with difficulty , originality , flow ……..and even mad dope D.J. SKILLS . I hope to someday watch ya ride in person . It would be like a visual CRITICAL BEATDOWN , haha…….get the joke ??!

  3. This is yet another amazing contribution to the scene from Mr White. He is a class act and this edit is a perfect reflection of all he offers the world.

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