Must Watch: Jean William Prevost / NO MAN’S LAND

Dub was out in Valencia, Spain a couple of weeks ago, and made great use of time riding at one of the most picturesque riding spots I have ever seen. It’s felt like a while since a “Must Watch” edit on the site, and Dub well and truly breaks down the firewall.

Great editing, and the music by Movenchy really compliments his amazing riding. Ah yes the riding…. everything is a standout in this one. But, in particular the ender I am sure will be a contender for line of the year already, and it’s still February.

The spinning inside switch-b undertaker to pedal junkyard turbine line that begins around 1:29, just keeps getting more and more complex, and I especially loved the details of the drop down from pedal junkyard to right footed peg wheelie with no sketch at all, and then line builds again. I am sure we will all be watching this one over and over, edit of the year so far without a doubt! Thanks Dub for this belter! Today is a good day!

12 thoughts on “Must Watch: Jean William Prevost / NO MAN’S LAND

  1. Great sweet spot & great sublime ridin at speed. Who needs to kick a tire or scuff, when you’re so damn good. Dub moves so fast, that Joe public, wouldn’t get it, but l get it. Shut up Tristan you say, with the corny lines, haha!. Thx to E & Dub.

  2. The link the starts at 1:30 is crazy stupid. Everything in it hits hard, like its so next level it almost hurts my brain to watch. It requires actual thinking to take in every movement being done during each turbine. The man clearly puts his life into this, and in turn has developed some damn amazing skills. Prevost’s riding is it’s own breed of animal. Endless props.

  3. STILL bugging on THIS , TIMES 7 …….THIS is PROGRESSIVE bmx flatland @ its MOST hardcore ! Every word B.Z. , and every comment said ,rings SO true …….like water is wet , hahaha…..watched this over 18 times……..that last combo just freaks me out EVERY time ! EVERY single time …..Dub took back wheel riding to MENTAL levels ……like Akihiko and Fester did with backwards rolling front wheel riding !

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