Must Watch – John Yull / Decades

John Yull – DECADES from JMK Films on Vimeo.

John Yull and Jim McKay teamed up to bring us all this absolute treat that blends narrative and amazing riding footage based around John developing the foot jam decade style. I’m on the second watch so far, but look out for the decade to vertical quick change at 00:38, the clean triple foot jam decade at 00:49. The bangers keep coming, foot jam decade peg wheelie double foot jam decade out at 1:04, my personal favourite at 1:17, the decade to power mower decade out, not to mention the ender at 2:17! Top marks to John and Jim, amazing to see riding of this calibre with filming and editing this good! Hard to believe John works full time, married, kids, and 44 years old and going this hard!

25 thoughts on “Must Watch – John Yull / Decades

  1. So fucking bad ass. John seriously rides like someone half his age; even at just 30, I couldn’t imagine trying those tricks in fear of how much of my body I would need to sacrifice, yet he continues pushing himself (and like you said, with a family and full time job).

    Kudos, John, for raising the bar once again!

  2. Thank you everyone. Jim has amazing skills and patience. What started off as one morning of filming turned into quite something else. Thanks Jim.

  3. That was attack of the decades, vey sick riding and imagine more will come out of all this. Keep up the riding, always a pleasure to watch:) Cw

  4. yet another super rad video with john proving age is just a number. thinking outside the box is opening up a new realm of technical wizardary.

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